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Default Re: Anybody Blow Glass

Originally Posted by StZero View Post
Matt, Say I get some color rods and grab my Torch, can i wrap the melted glass around a metal rod to create a tubelike structure and will it come off the tube wit ease , is a release agent needed, sorry for all the questions but a guy i had been working with has moved out of state and will not return my calls. Im trying to make something simallr to the end of a KM hose, just a 6-7inch glass tube to attachto a clear tube from home depot, Thank you all for putting up with the rambling.
i dont do lamp working yet just hot fab but its mostly the same idea. i wouldnt try to wrap it on a metal rod for multiple reasons (it will suck the heat out and cool it fast, cause chill marks, and may be hard to get off). you may be able to get away with it if you get the metal pre heated, but not to hot or else it will stick)

i would use either a graphite rod or a wooden rod (wet). it should slide off the graphite and if it doesnt slide off the wood, it will burn off when you anneal it (assume you will, but again i dont do lampworking yet so not really keen on all of it, if you were doing it free hand you could probably get away with it no being annealed but i personally would do it with the use it will get)

if you use wood get a fruit wood and soak it for a few days to make sure it is fully soaked, also if you can i would try to evenly burn it in before you used it (like soak it well, the evenly char it, then put it back in water) that should make it work better too (also if you dont burn it in you might leave some carbon on the glass that may or amy not come off).

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