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Heya Zen, the jurak definitely had a Balkan pipe tobacco sorta feel to it but the pepper/clove aspect and the strong sweet, molasses finish is pretty interesting combination. If I could get this sorta thing regularly I can see myself smoking this about once a week or so. Still, I like Syrian and Saudi jurak better but then i've had a lot more of it. For all I know what I tried is not typical in Egypt.

Thunder, there is a very wide range of jurak in quality to goes from mediocre to really great. I have heard about those massive hoses but i've not seen it. I have smoked tombac quite a bit and I have a special bowl for it but I never knew you need a special hose for jurak. Still, most of the jurak i've had is pretty good although I don't it (or anything really) enough to smoke it every day. In the end I appreciate jurak and prefer it to American style fruity stuff.
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