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Default brass hookahs (myas) start to get weird smell

ok so my friends mya has gotten this really really bad smell in the stem that comes through in the smoke, its not exactly metallic but it is tingly in my throat and ruins all taste in any shisha (he does let the hookah sit a while after he smokes it with out cleaning it and usually just rinses it and cleans ever few weeks) . when i was cleaning my small mya i noticed it was starting to get the smell too, no where near as bad and didnt have the tingle and wasnt changing the taste at all thought. after a good scrub with soap and then some lemon juice and scrubbing it got knocked down so it wasnt an issue.

but what is up with this. a normal cleaning and scrubbing doenst seem to really knock it out, it can reduce it a little but its still there unless you do a hard core cleaning on it. ive never smelled that smell off of brass so i dont really know whats up.

any one else notice this
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