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Default Re: brass hookahs (myas) start to get weird smell

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
first off, you dont rinse it out every few weeks, not to be rude, but that is nasty. You need to clean it after each use.

Second, the "brass" myas arent brass on the inside, do you mean the brass colored stem?

you may have gotten it to rust.

if not, use a brush, try using beer to clean it, look for sam's vid on that in the video section.

try lemon juice and baking soda, several times.

otherwise, you may have some rust and you may need a new hookah.
i know im trying to get him to clean it more but ya, also hes not around all the time (hes USCG so hes out half the time). the myas we have are chrome on the out side and are raw cast bras in the stems. in fact his stem just got replaced and has picked up the scent pretty fast (less than 2 weeks since it was replaced) and mine which i scrub every time i use it (just with water and a brush though) is only a few weeks old but the smell is no where near bad just has a light scent.

dragon, its not the normal used hookah smell

and dunkel the chamber and the stem have the smell evenly its not just that it is in the chamber (also its not plated so its not to hard to clean)

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