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Originally Posted by shishaholiC
Buzz could mean many could get Headaches, light-headedness, nausea and other effects from shisha generally if you are not used to it but its most common with unwashed shisha (eg. nakhla) and sometime unavoidable if you inhale deeply and too fast.
hehe, Sounds like Bill Clinton..."errrr, define Buzz..... errrrr." I am almost sure that folks that refer to "The Buzz" are expressing what they feel compared to being intoxicated on alcohol. Usually, at least what/whom I have been exposed to, people tend to want the "Buzz." I am not sure I have heard many people say, "hey...lets go get nauseated..." or, "Darn, I wish this stuff would give me a headache...."

But, from my perspective, I have yet to feel anything remotely "buzz-like" while smoking Shisha from the Hookah. I am sure others are fully capable of experiencing some side effects from anything....just haven't experienced anything like that thus far....
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