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Originally Posted by rowland
Not everyone will feel a buzz, those that do may only get it once or twice when smoking a new brand. Do you smoke cigs? Smokers (me) rarely get the buzz, cause we are ready are used to the nicotine in the tobacco.
That makes sense to a point. Yes I smoke cigarettes. But, when Shisha is being rated...reviewed....and a "Buzz" is could be a misnomer... For example... I would say with reasonable surity that 100% of the people who have smoked Cannabis, would experience a "Buzz" if they truly, unlike a former president, inhaled. There is vitually no avoiding that end result. whether you smoke cigarettes or not...doesn't matter in that case.

I guess when I first started smoking cigarettes, I did get "dizzy" occasionally, but I would not classify that as getting a "Buzz" on.

Perhaps I am just splitting to fine a hair here.

No biggie...just wondered if I weas missing something.

Thanks for the response.
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