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Default Your getting sick of this but help me choose a gift.

Ok so my wife has a co-worker that has started smoking hookah with us. She really enjoys it a lot and has even paid for our session and/or sometimes beer and/or food. We were thinking as excited as she was about it that we should get her a hookah. She has been impressed with just about everything we have tried so she won't need the biggest and best. Also I barely know her and she is a co-worker of my wife so we don't want to go overboard on it since it probably isn't exactly kosher for us to get her anything. So I wanted to get hoses for the restaurant that introduced us to hookah so today is the day to buy from Sahara Smoke. My question is do I buy the

20" Basha

which I think if I add some mouthpieces which we also need it hits the $40 mark by itself,


the 13" Dragon bell

which costs about half the price and would allow me a small shopping spree in the clearance section getting stuff for my hookah and possibly some more stuff to help stock her up a little too.

They both look like they are traditional style so they should purge and smoke decently I kind of wonder about the size difference and I wonder a little bit about getting one that is so small about what will she think about it. My wife thinks she will think it is cute. We are pretty sure she likes red so the bigger one with the red base would be nice looking but blue would also work on the little one.

Thoughts? Does anyone have either of these?
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