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Default Re: brass hookahs (myas) start to get weird smell

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Mya stems don't clean well because of the rough brass texture on the inside. Flavors sit in there.

What you should do first is buy a Tangiers flavor. Tangiers is designed to clean out old smells in your hookah. You need to smoke a couple bowls of this.

If you can't smoke tangiers, then let the stem sit in a batch of baking soda and lemon juice. Make sure there is a ton of baking soda inside the stem. It absorbs smells very well.

If the smell is still there, fill the stem with baking soda and let it sit there for a couple days (maybe 3 or 4) and then clean that out and see what happens.

If it still smells, you need a new Mya (seriously).
hmmm interesting, i guess ill have to smoke tangiers more.

ya both are pretty new stems so i think it will come out.

i am thinking about figuring out a way to sand down or hone out the stem so it is smooth (ive killed me stem brushes from trying to clean it with the rough brass catching on it) and its thick enough that i could do it and not have any issues, just would have to make a mandrel long enough to reach at least half way down the stem.

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