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Default Re: Your getting sick of this but help me choose a gift.

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
What about a discounted one?

If not, go with the basha
See that was what I was thinking. That very one. But my wife said absolutely not a clearance Hookah. She read the description about what could be wrong with it and she said buying one for us is one thing but for a gift it would not be a good thing to do. Besides that what if it was one of those with slight leaks. We don't know what all goes into repairing those and you really don't want to give someone one as a gift that they are going to have to repair. I like the idea of the large hookahs better and that would be the only way we could do that. Either that or buying the stem and base separately from the clearance section. I could put a really nice one together for less than 30 bucks in there. Probably build a couple of them and get the load of hoses that you get today. Pretty sure we are doing the Basha. Thanks for the help guys.
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