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Default Re: Your getting sick of this but help me choose a gift.

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i would go with the 20 inch out of those 2 but honestly i would look at a mya mini acrylic, there is a guy on ebay that sells them for about 25ish shipped, great price and then you could buy her some coals and shisha with it

Thought about that originally but two things happened. I actually smoked on one of those and found it to be an ok smoke but hard to purge. It may take her a while to get the heat management down pat so I would like to make all that as easy as possible and while the straw thing looks like a great idea it would have to be changed and again that is starting off with some ghetto rigging. I kind of want to avoid that you know that may be cool later or for me. Even though I am getting a gnarly hookah already to get me started. LOL. OH yeah and we were wanting to get some hoses for the place where we kind of got started. They have been really good to us and like bought us drinks for our anniversary and when we got married and give us food and they come and talk to us a lot and have really kind of helped talk me through the early stages of my interest and helped me learn more about it. So we wanted to get them some hoses as kind of a thank you/you guys rock/merry christmas thing. The 12 days of hookah made it where we could get her a whole nice set up with everything she could need and some extra hoses for us and her and them.

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