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Default Re: hookah pro vs hookahforum

Gee...sorry Smiley. Hate having to read you are unhappy with me here when we actually talk to each other off forum. Coulda said soemthing there instead of me having to read it here.

As for MY heavy long as I'm the target of so many people's ire. I'm not the only mod. There are 4 other's that can actually act. Some of them also delete,move, and lock topics. I'm just the most visible. So everything isn't MY doing.

My comments that this forum may be a flash in the pan is based on the other 5 or 6 that have come and gone. I wished this forum no ill will and certainly didn't discourage people from using it. But the facts are that every other attempt to split off another forum has folded in a matter of months or useage has dwindled into nothingness...Look at the forum on Smiley's site. Its full of advertisements for everythign from viagra to mortgages. Most of the others are simply gone. Chances are this one will do the same. If that upsets you then get over it. was simply stateing facts based on past experiences and if you don't like those facts..well..guess there really isnt anyting you can do about it now is there?

As for WHY things get "heavy handed" over there...This place is new and hasn't been noticed much. When you get bigger, and start having stoners asking questions, fly by night web sites posting huge Advertisements out of the blue, and people going back and forth at each other off topic and getting more and more personal, you'll find yourself doing the same, trust me.

For instance, you have hookahetc as a poster. So far I've read him review something he's selling in the hookah review section. Push something he's selling in a question on the main forum area. Is this the kind of forum you want? Soemthing to be used by vendors to push their own products at every chance?

I'm happy to see this forum up and running, and I'll even stay and contribute cause I'M getting tired of the BS over at the other Forum and trying to ride herd on a Bunch of 3rd graders. And that includes people who write someting inflamitory and then are able to change their posts to make it look like they didn't say anything.

I'll be nice to be able to just post and let someone else worry about running the show.