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Default Re: hookah pro vs hookahforum

Hey Mushrat! First off, it would definitely be an honor to have you as a member of this community! You are very well known, and a respected member of the hookah world. Cheers to that!

I agree with your post, I can sympathize with you about being targeted for any "issues" that may arise over there at HF, you are obviously the most well known name on HF. That can be frustrating, I am sure! I've kinda been the target of a community before (a gaming community), where I played a part in building it up, and because I had such a high profile on the site, I was targeted a is frustrating! So, I totally get where you are coming from!

... as for this community being a "flash in the pan", I totally agree with your statement! I have seen a bunch of hookah forum sites with only a few members, or a few topics/posts, and it is obviously a ghost town! SO I can understand your statement! I would be thinking the same thing, I can honestly say that!
... I know myself though, my drive, and my knowledge of the internet, mix that all together with my passion for hookah ... and I do believe that this new community will be a success, at least I hope so! I really hope to contribute something to the hookah world, through my passion for both the internet and hookah combined. That really is my goal ... just another contributor of the hookah world...

I understand the need for the heavy hand at times! I definitely do not want anything that is not related to traditional hookah talked about here. And also don't want the fly by night vendors popping on to promote, (there are better ways to handle promoting)...or people hijacking threads, getting off topic, or childish arguments ... I said it once, I'll say it again, I know it is frustrating, I know where you are coming from! and agree!

Definitely glad to see ya here, hope ya stick around, you have a lot to contribute, and I look forward to reading your opinions, posts, responses, tips/tricks, and general chit-chat...

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