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Default Re: Nakhla Light Apple

Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
Sorry but that is not entirely correct. I picked this batch up at a market here in Dallas and they have plenty of El Basha in jars. Or rather they did when I bought my grape and strawberry.
Are you sure it is authentic? Pics?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I have heard several times that the Nakhla in jars is supposedly a different recipe then what is packed in the box. I have wondered if it's true but I'm not curious enough to pay double. My guess is that it's all apocryphal.
Yes it is. Nakhla DA in glass jars is wetter and more flavorful than cartons. Remember, Nakhla was my absolute exclusive smoke for 9 years. Never tried tin cans but heard they are same as jars. By double I mean double its price here. Nakhla sells here for 60 cents and Nakhla jars sell for $1.2. I guess the high markup in the US/Europe for Nakhla is due to export duties in Egypt, import duties in the other country, shipping, local distributor's margin ....etc, and hence I guess the jar - if it exists - would not be double the price in the US/Europe. I guess it would be one or two dollars higher and that is it.
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