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Default Re: How do i keep my shisha from burning and keep the flavor longer?

Yeah the phunnel produces a hell of a lot of smoke, have not used the vortex so cant comment, but you will be using a lot more shisha as well.

The burning of the tobaco is probably becasue the foil touches the shishaa makes just you use a heavy duty foil and if you cant hold of any, double the foil your using now, with shinney side down.

Make sure they is a small gap bettween the top of the bowl and the foil as well, roughly the size of a 5p coin, dont know what they are called in the US, but te smallest coin you lot have the size of that.

Roughly how long are you smoking it when you get the burning taste, becasue after a while maybe 1.5+ hours on that bowls, the shisha would have been roasted and would taste a bit off
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