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Default Re: How do i keep my shisha from burning and keep the flavor longer?

OK, you asked for help!? You got it! My opinion anyhow ..

Your bowl sucks! (sorry but I am honest, I have that bowl too) It is called a mod bowl or modern bowl and is made by havana. It is a very shallow bowl. You can still use it, but I would recommend 1/8" to 1/4" between the foil and the top of the tobacco. I have another idea for that bowl, but I would have to do a vid about it, to hard to explain in text.

I would recommend getting a deeper bowl, like the Saudi (one of my favs) and you can get that here: with this bowl you will be able to easily get 1/4" between the top of the foil and the tobacco. (Adjust space between as needed).

Another bowl I am going to recommend is a the Vortex. Everybody has phunnel burned into the brain and rightfully so, it is a nice bowl (but wastes too much tobacco). I like to give new products opportunities and the Vortex and Saudi are my current bowls of choice! The Vortex is an extra small funnel with a built in mod. and it holds a little less tobacco and you can leave a nice cushion of air space between the foil and tobacco. You can also get away with using less coal.

OK, now as far as your windcover .. LOL! You wrote me before, you made the one I did a video on, right? Good for you! that is a great way to trap some heat and build up the heat in the bowl.

Use your windcover, but use only 2 pieces of coal .. and leave about 1/8" to 1/4" of space between the tobacco and the foil. See how that goes and get back to us ..

As far as some other bowls to try .. standard bowls (holds less tobacco but still works well) or a MYA bowl (deeper) .. it is the one in the middle on the bottom row of your picture.

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