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Default Re: Your getting sick of this but help me choose a gift.

Yeah it may be a medium sized base but it is a bell shaped base. I would assume it would have roughly the same stability as a large bell shaped base. Of course it isn't as big around as the large ones but the hose won't be as far up either. Essentially the base will be well balanced and the hose will be right at the top of it. Now I could see it with some of the others having the bubble base with the smaller stand and what not but it shouldn't be a problem with this one. Also she won't have just a massive hose. I figure the one that came with it and probably one of the 8 free ones. I picked flavors of tobacco that I think I would like so we can just give her a few out of our stash. Maybe some of it maybe some Nakhla. Probably one of the AF Grapes. LOL.
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