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Default Re: hookah pro vs hookahforum

Thanks for the greeting. Too bad some of your other member probably don't feel the same way...

This thread in itself is an instigaton that you won't find on the .com because we wouldn't allow it. I find it funny, people trashing HF for saying soemthing negative about this forum. Kinda hyprocritical no? And while we did remove the main thread about it, it's still in someones sig cause that's how i got here.

I recall a thread entitled .net vs .com on the old .net when it tried to go legit. Same kinda comments and complaints even....Just a won't find an entire THREAD devoted to trashing on HF. Think about it....

I still wish you the best of luck, but when you get big and lots of people are posting and you find yourself having to delete/hide/move post after post because people just don't follow the rules or are trying to stir up trouble, look back at this thread and the complaints people made about HF and then look in the mirror.