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Default Re: CoCoNara or ******* Hookah coals?

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post

CC have this nasty, woodsy taste...even if it IS ashed over and red hot! imo! For some reason, I taste it more with light flavors. Pleh. I mean...Its an alright coal...But its so expensive

CH coals are pretty good, but imo, they don't give enough heat. I'd have like 3 naturals on a phunnel and I have to add a windcover b/c it doesn't give enough heat. I'd out 4 coals but that would be too much. I love John still ^_^

If these were your only options, I'd say CH.

If not...Another good one is Exoticas (Ahhh yes I hear people yelling at me now! lmao) The new exoticas that just came out like a few weeks ago are amazing. It looks like Gabe, the maker, made them even more dense (he even made his original product denser before this).They last noticeably longer imo and there is no added taste.

Pssh my local shop sells a kilo for $5 each! Cocos plus shipping is like almost $20 or a lil less to get. I could buy about 4 boxes of Exoticas for that money and that lasts me like 3 1/2 to 4 months while 1 coco box lasts for little less for a month for me.

This is just my opinion. Each to their own.
I can't get them for $5 but I agree with you. Coconut coals suck, plain and simple. I hate that the ash resembles sand and breaks loose from the coal easily, I hate that you have to flip them every 5 minutes or they start to go out and give off a nasty wood smoke taste, I hate that they take twice as long as an Exotica to light, I hate that 1 coal isn't enough for a standard Egyptian bowl but 2 is too much and they are very hard to break, and I hate that they are so expensive. I've been using Exoticas for 99% of the time for over a year now and have had no problems worth mentioning.
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