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Default Re: CoCoNara or ******* Hookah coals?

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
I can't get them for $5 but I agree with you. Coconut coals suck, plain and simple. I hate that the ash resembles sand and breaks loose from the coal easily, I hate that you have to flip them every 5 minutes or they start to go out and give off a nasty wood smoke taste, I hate that they take twice as long as an Exotica to light, I hate that 1 coal isn't enough for a standard Egyptian bowl but 2 is too much and they are very hard to break, and I hate that they are so expensive. I've been using Exoticas for 99% of the time for over a year now and have had no problems worth mentioning.
i dont know if you tried CH charcoals but you dont have to ash them ao turn them over. if they strt dying out use a wind cover. they should last you 45 mins with a wind cover.
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