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Default amusing reactions from friends

so i took my hookah over to a friends house yesterday and we smoked some. i set up a bowl of blue mist and had it going well but kinda low heat to keep the flavor fully there then tried my first bowl of AF golden grape which was a pretty good smoke but i got it going real well and had nice thick smoke. my friends could barely take it even when the smoke started to thin out, not really sure why, it wasnt harsh or anything but any way.

what reactions and things happen that have amused people when yall have taken your rigs over to friends or had friends smoking.

o ya also when his mother came back she walked in and looked at us really weird for a min until i explained to her what was up and how it all worked and all, still kinda skeptical since it is still tobacco but ya, either way had no room really to say much since her son is 18 and all of us are adults

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