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Default Re: HELP! My hookah is sick!!!

Originally Posted by Wharbone View Post
Brass doesn't rust, it corrodes. Go buy some Wrights brass polish and go to town. Just a warning though, it will come out black as night.

It would be best to also purchase a shotgun cleaning rod. Apply the Wrights to a folded piece of paper towel (attached to the cleaning rod).

Wrights is water soluble, so it will clean out really easy.

I use this occasionally to polish my brass trombone slide.

I didn't have Wright's but I did have another brass cleaner similar to it. I took it to town on that bad boy, couldn't let him go. I cleaned the smacks out of that thing and the water went from reddish, to black, to green even...then afterwards I broke out the baking soda and lemon juice and did the same thing until that pipe was clear as glass...then the job wasn't finished there. I then applied a piece of paper towel to dry out the stem and BADA BING!!! Problem Solved!!!

Thank you for your reply Wharbone, you are always very helpful and informative mate
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