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Default Whats the strange fascination with...........

Clouds? I have read more than a thousand posts about "How can I get the biggest clouds" "What shisha produces the biggest clouds" "Look at my clouds" "I have increased lung capacity so my clouds are the biggest ever"

Maybe its just me but that seems so shallow to me. Shouldnt you smoke hookah to enjoy the relaxation aspect of it, to try and get the most flavor out of the tobacco not overload the bowl with coal to produce massive clouds. Whats the purpose? Its kinda like when a young kid decides that shotgunning a bunch of beers is cool, to me I would rather sit down and enjoy a couple of beers normally.

Maybe its my age(birthday coming up in 11 days) but it all seems so immature to me. I personally have turned the corner and have been enjoying the more traditional flavors of hookah tobacco and concentrating on the more complex flavors that it offers. I dunno, I just dont get the whole massive cloud fascination.

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