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Default Not quite sure what I did wrong...

I just got my first hookah yesterday (yay!) after months of pining for one. I've smoked them before but I've never actually lit one. After grabbing some reading material and watching a few tutorials on youtube, I figured okay, got it. It seemed pretty simple.

So I set mine up in my livingroom; vase filled so the stem was submerged 1/2 inch into the water with some ice, then checked for leaks. Inhaling through the hose produced a suction on my hand at the top of the bowl, so checked that off.

Then I grabbed a 15g shot that came with the hookah and sprinkled it into the bowl, being careful to keep it even and not overflow the bowl. Then I placed a metal screen (it came with the hookah free of charge and it just so happens I'm out of aluminum foil) on top and went outside to light the charcoal-- instant lights. Once it was red hot, I left it on top of the screen and gave the tobacco a few minutes to heat before I tried to smoke.

And...nothing. The vase didn't fill with smoke (that I could see anyway, the vase I bought is a dark blue) and the most I could get out of *really* inhaling until my lungs hurt was a thin, pitiful little cloud-- and I thought I was imagining it at first. I tried blowing on the coal gently to get it to heat a little more, but still nothing.

The only thing I can come up with is maybe the screen, but it just doesn't account for there being NO smoke at all whatsoever...any ideas on what could have been wrong? I want to try and figure it out before I try again and waste any more of my shots.
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