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Default Re: amusing reactions from friends

Ok so one night we were at Lizzie's and this one drunk guy kept asking us if we were smoking something illegal. He kept insisting that it looked like we were. I think it finally sunk in after about 10 explanations. Then these two girls came in and one of them was very friendly. She asked what we were smoking and we explained a little. She was just amazed and kept commenting on how relaxed we looked. She was dying to try it. I think she gave my wife her card so we could call her the next time we were going up there and we could double date and get some hookahs so she could see how to do it right. LOL.

My wife's co worker has joined us a few times. She aparrently she had a bit of a history with the illegal stuff and she kept hitting it like that was what she was smoking. Oddly she had never smoked anything else before. Still cracks me up to watch her smoke on it. She takes a huge hit off it and sucks it in deep then slowly releases it out of her nose until she kind of melts in this relaxed pile and the smoke comes out her nose and mouth at the same time. Looks like she gets unnattural enjoyment out of it.

We went to Aladdin's in Nashville and the place was getting packed. A couple that I think was a pro athelete and a cheerleader sat down next to us. We didn't talk a whole lot but it was interesting watching them interact. To our right were a bunch of local college boys. The college boys had taken to doing some sort of weird ritual where two of them would take a hit at the same time and then blow the smoke in each others face. The guy sitting on my left looked at them and laughed and said how gay is that. I kind of laughed and he looked at me. I was like yeah. Then I said it was about half a step away from a hookah kiss and he about lost it. Next thing I know the entire table of college boys had taken a hit and they all blew smoke at each other like some kind of toast. LOL. Needless to say we had fun.
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