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Default Re: Whats the strange fascination with...........

Well, it isn't really the people's fault. One of the marketing gimmicks of shisha in the US is in fact clouds.

Husky, for you, someone who smokes a pipe and enjoys tobacco , not glycerin/water/honey/molasses equating to clouds, I can see how it is very odd to see people loving these "clouds". But, this is why we are lucky there is tobacco like Desi Murli, Salloum, Ajamy to keep the traditional guys happy in the States. And by lucky, I mean lucky.

SMoking the hookah in America isn't like smoking one in any other country. I will admit, although being relatively young, and enjoying clouds to an extent, I do in fact smoke a pipe and enjp a good Baltic tobacco more than anything. This tobacco taste cannot directly translate inti American hookah smoking. If hookah smokers here wanted to enjoy tobacco, theyd smoke a pipe, but they like shisha, for lavor and clouds, and also the fact that there are normally no side effects one would notice (I mean normally because of the mouth infection cases).

American youth, as you would know Husky, are in it for the Image, and this goes for all tobacco smoking. I have been smoking a pipe since I was 17 in highschool- but only in my home as I truly enjoyed tobacco. The hookah came along, party people loved it, and I do enjoy a good flavor, so I had to get one. I slowly got the image of the Hookah Pro in my area, but i didn;t buy the pipe just for that at all.

Americans are "shallower" smokers as well, smoking cigs just because they can. I don't understand how one would enjoy tobacco in the taste of cig, as I never have been able to.

Husky, it is immature, but only relatively, based on your age repectively. In the younger generation, the reasons for owning a hookah are different, but only because they are younger and don't have the pipe tobacco/good cigar foundation. The hookah market isn't exactly guiding them in the direction of tradition either.
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