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Default Re: Whats the strange fascination with...........

i dont care about taste or tradition! my clouds are the biggest! they call me chief cloudbringer wherever i go! them shits up in the sky aint got nothin on my beefy clouds! RAWR!

just kiddin, guyssssss.
i smoke for the taste and of course relaxation after a hard day of working and fathering. i wanna taste my little grapeys not rape them until they obey my whims of extreme cloudbringing only to perish under the black layer of burnt tobacco. zensilk basically summed up what i think. these goddamn whippersnappers are always tryin to one up each other at the cost of taking a massive shadoobie on the right way of doing things.

but on the other hand- i do enjoy when i happen to spit out a jumbo ghost from super mario brothers 3. but i dont overheat to get to that point.

dont turn your back on him.
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