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Default Re: Whats the strange fascination with...........

Considering that one of the "examples" used in the original post was damn near a DIRECT quote from one of my posts, i will retort in an attempt to explain myself ((though the context of the quote was why the quote existed in the first place))

I'd also like to note that i understand/agree with Husky's post in general, and that I also feel like the premise has become a "fad", if you will, as of late.

I'll relate smoking to music, both of which being loves of mine and I'll be able to explain my thought process better.

huge clouds = volume of music
flavor of smoke = tone quality of music produced

When i play music, the MOST important thing is OBVIOUSLY the tone. Because when i'm playing my baritone, for example, if the TONE QUALITY is airy and sounds like fecal matter then i OBVIOUSLY don't want to play anymore, or practice so that it sounds beautiful instead, because what's the point of playing music if what's being played isn't musical?
BUT ((being primarily a marching musician)) if i can play LOUD and still maintain a beautiful tone quality and retain a high level of musicianship, why wouldn't I? Some music is beautiful AND LOUD, some music is beautiful AND SOFT. Music isn't beautiful BECAUSE it's loud, or soft. The volume is the vehicle that conveys the tone.

So why can't i also enjoy large volumes of smoke permitting that it doesn't taste like burnt crap?

But, to appease the members that have disdain for the flood of posts and threads about voluminous smoke, I won't mention it again.
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