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Default Re: Looking at KM hookah's need some help

Well, i'm gonna play devil's advocate here.

When you get a KM, watch out that you don't get a lemon. Not to say that it'll never work, but when Tony got his in one of the holes on the heart needed to be drilled out. The paint jobs look like it was done by a 5 year old up close, the weld marks are atrocious, i've seen a few KMs that come with grommits that are far too tight fitting (Mine is one of them). There are also a few "leaning tower of KM"s out there.

There are only a few good vase designs, the others look like a gold blob with a bit of stencil work. But hey, they smoke good right?!??!?!

I love my KM, but it's no where near the end all to end all when it comes to hookah pipes. I've smoked out of smaller MZs and have noticed NO difference whatsoever. Tonys little 24'' hookah can pull off clouds just as big, and is noticably more "portable." Oh, and heba diffusers are fun to fit on KM stems.
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