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Default Re: Looking at KM hookah's need some help

Well, a KM is a KM really.

If you've decided on the size, I don't think there will be too much difference besides aesthetics between your choices.

A couple thing's to note:

- If you're looking for a daily smoker, a taller Hookah may not be the way to go. I smoke daily with my 36" Pear, and it's kind of a pain to work with every day. I actually just got a 23" Syrian to use as my daily, with my KM being for smoking with friends and special events. Something to think about.

- A larger KM will smoke like a dream without all the extra accessories like ice chambers, funnel bowls, razan/nammor hoses, etc. Sure they help, but it's like piling 2 extra bags of trash in a landfill. Not as huge a difference if you threw those same 2 bags in an empty dumpster.

- KM's may be considered the cream of the crop, but it's not necessarily for their functional qualities. Alot of the praise for KM's comes from their traditional background. They aren't mass-produced by a bunch of machines, they're more hand made than most. This comes with the quirks mentioned in the posts above. My KM has the leaning tower effect, iffy welds, and very flawed paint. These things don't affect performance though, and they actually add a little character over something like a Mya where each Hookah comes out identicle.

Hope that helps you some. No matter your choice of KM, I'm sure you won't be unhappy, just don't build up your expectations too high. Good luck!
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