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Default Smoking Tip of the day!

I posted this under our facebook group:

But, I shall share something here too....

First off... I recommend every1 go out and grab a tangiers phunnel bowl. It will make your smoking session 110% more better. Next, make sure you are using heavy duty foil or you can just double layer your existing one. When punching the hole patterns, you are making a "peace symbol". Don't worry about not having enough holes around your bowl. Also, do not make a hole in the center of your phunnel. Rest your sqare coconaras or CH coals on the holes. After placing them on the head, it may cover all the holes you created. That's ok!

On all of my seconds hits with SB and AF I am already making hurricane clouds.

If you get a small tangiers phunnel, instead of the peace design you can use what I call the 9-11 design making two rows of "towers" on the opposite sides of the phunnel. This phunnel required less heat.
Try it and let me know how it goes!
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