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Default Re: Indoor Hookah?

The hookah smoke dissipates very quickly. The most smoke is from the juices on the tobacco, not the tobacco itself. The tobacco has also been washed many times (if it's not Tangiers) and virtually has no tobacco smell when burned (hence the strong flavor of the juice).

But Tangiers is not washed, so the tobacco still has that slight tobacco taste, smell, and it tingles your throat at times. The smell and taste is always stronger with Tangiers, so it will linger in the air (even after dissipating) for quite a while (2 days in my garage which has no fabric furniture and has a cement floor).

I'm not sure about Nahkla, because it isn't very juicy, and also unwashed, but the flavor is not even half of Tangiers, so i'm guessing it won't stay too long because of the lack of juices.

Heavy fruit or non-fruit flavors also linger longer. These include Blackberry, Irish Cream, Pumpkin Pie, Hazelnut.. etc.

Oh yes, and cigs have other stuff added to the tobacco and it is also unwashed and very dry. So the smell will just stay on you, in your nose, in your mouth, on your carpet, your windows, your walls, your furniture...
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