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Lightbulb Small KM Carrying Cases

Hey guys with the possibility of a friend here at home picking up my MYA i thought I may buy a KM to replace it, I found a nice 29'' model I like but i Travel a lot back and fourth and would need something a bits stronger and hopefully more compact than a massive hookah bag.

I was wanting some form of box similar to on my 26'' MYA but I am not wiling to pay the rediculous price for just the case! do KM's downstems come off (i remember thinking they dont) and does anyone have any idea's of what I could get for cheap?

I was thinking of finding a briefcase at a thrift store and seeing if it would work but i figured I'd end up with a massive suitcase that would actually fit haha

- Small case for 29'' Km
- Must be Hard and packable
- Smaller the better, must fit obviously
- Handle would be nice, but not needed
- Locks are nice, but again not needed

This is only to see if this is a possibility, I like the MYA but if my buddy wants it here, I may be willing to move on haha :P
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