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Default Re: hookah pro vs hookahforum

Mushy I wasn't personally pissed at you. I am pissed at what you guys are doing to people and what Admin is continbuting to do over there. I agree with your staement. But we are all trying to make a place where people can just be.. We regulate al the time. But at the same time we do not treat people with disrespect just because of there staus. I feel alot of people were messed with. Then to read we are a flash in the pan in the tone of condisense. relly dissapointed me. To see that it was you. I expect alot more. I all ways want to help. But if I feel the place I use to love so much. Is acting out beauase of issues going on behind the sences over at the HF site. Sorry but I feel I was mistreated many times.