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Default Re: Sambuca tasting tobacco?

el basha locorice is a great flavor, but because el basha is nakhlas "light" line, I feel the flavor could be a bit stronger.
The anise in tha DA is only one of several great flavors at work in this timeless classic and therefore may not produce a solid,stand alone anise flavor that you may be looking for.
Last time I checked, nakhla apple had no anise flavor.
In my opinion, the best straight anise flavored moassel is AF "ark sous". It's a truely amazing flavor! I've heard however that it is being replaced by the "licorice" flavor in the AF catalogue.It should be noted that tha AF licorice is also very good.I'm comfortable stating that these are the flavors that most resemble the "sambuka" flavor that you and your friend are looking for. good luck.

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