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Default Just got my first KM!


I just have to share this experience with you guys.

As some of you might know, I went back to Kuwait for the holidays. I found a shop that had KM's and I got a 30" for $30. Anyway, I put some ice in the base and the smoke was REALLY cool, I have never experienced cool smoke from my Mya regardless of the ice, that was alright.

I was trying some special mix from the store I went to, it had a crazy buzz and an alright flavor. 20 Mins through the session though the smoke got sickeningly harsh (the smoke was still cool). I had three coconaras, ice in the base and a regular egptian bowl. The smoke got unbelievably harsh it took 10 minutes without cools for the harshness to go away despite constant purching.

Is that common with KM's? or could it be the moassal I was using or entirely something else? I have never experienced harshness so bad it ruined the session for me.
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