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Default Re: Stuck on a deserted island alone...

If I were stuck on a desert island there wouldn\'t be any hookah lounges or stores so, I probably wouldn\'t be able to find a hookah so i would have to make one.

I would start by making a bowl out of a coconut, if coconuts grow on that island.

Then i would take more coconut shells and put them in the fire until they turned to coal and then have my own home made coconaras.

For the stem, probably bamboo or other hollow plant.

For the base, I would have to find another fruit to hollow out, possibly another coconut.

For a hose, maybe more bamboo unless I could find a hollow flexable vine of some kind.

for shisha? hmmmm now that would be a challange. Unless they have tobacco growing wild there I think I would be in trouble trying to find something to smoke. Maybe just smoke coconut and hope it doesn\'t burn.
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