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Default How do you make a perfect Hookah head? I can't do it!

This is my hookah:

I cannot figure out a good way to keep a smooth, full smoke.

I am using layalina tobacco and three king cole.

This is my procedure before smoking the hookah:

*Clean (very well) the hookah. Especially the hose
*Place tobacco in the hookah head. I will make a flat, even surface of tobacco. The bottom half of the head is the tobacco and the other half is empty. I do sometimes lightly pack the tobacco down, but just enough to make an even layer.

I will take some everyday aluminum foil and tightly wrap the head in it. I will take a thumb tack and make basically a line of small holes running up and down. I would say it looks like two X's (one going vertical and one horizontal).

The only way I can get a good full smoke is to put allot of tabacco in the head. The problem with this is the top layer will be burnt to a crisp (making the hookah very harsh and not enjoyable) after about 15 minutes. In the end i end up wasting 70% of the tobacco. The top layer is burn and the bottom is fine.

The other option is to put a little less than half full of tobacco. This will give a lite smoke that does not really do much. It does not burn though.

I use one coal at a time. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!
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