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Default Re: Stuck on a deserted island alone...


Hookah: Mya Saray 23" Acrylic (If i'm deserted, the last thing I want is a glass vase to break and not be able to smoke)

Hose: Nammor, with all the salt water surrounding the Island, any other hose would rust way to quickly.

Bowl: This one is tough, I'd like to say my Tangiers Phunnel, but given the circumstances, I would probably go with a standard metal Syrian bowl

Coals: Three Kings quicklights and Starlight Coco's

Shisha Brand/Flavor:
[LIST=1][*]El Nakhla Cherry[*]Tangiers Lucid Horchata[*]Al Fakher Mint[*]Layalina Passionfruit[*]Al Waha After Nine[*]Layalina Watermelon[*]Starbuzz Blue Mist[*]Fumari Kiwi[*]Al Fakher Double Apple[*]El Nakhla Orange[/LIST]This actually sounds like an awesome Hookah starting lineup!!!

Hookah Life
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