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Default Nour Syrian Purge Valve

Hi guys, just wanted to let you guys in on a little tip. A while back a guy from here (I forget his ID) made a post about a problem he was experiencing with his Nour Syrian not purging well. At the time, I was uneducated and gave him incorrect information. If you have a Nour, your purge valve seems like you can't take it off. Well, turn the stem to where the hose port is facing your left, then take a pair of pliers and grip the nut on the purge valve and turn the handle of the pliers away from you and it will pry loose. Be careful though, you don't want to break off the valve . Then use your fingers to unscrew it and you'll sure enough find a little BB in there. Clean it well, maybe put a little veggie oil on it to ensure proper lubrication (that's what she said ) and screw the purge valve back on hand tight so you don't have to use the pliers next time it needs cleansing. Just a heads up from the Phenom

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