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Default Re: How to pack tangiers

After trying most different methods for packing tangiers, the one that seems to work the best for me is the 3 finger drop method. Get out the phunnel, stir up the shisha, take your thumb, index, middle finger, and get a big 3 finger grab of the shisha. Drop it into the bowl. Now, you need to groom it to get it in there right. Start by pushing down on the shisha, not to really pack it down tight, but to make sure that it's going to the bottom all the way around the phunnel. Make sure you take out the shisha in the middle to open the whole. Take off shisha from the top, until you have about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the rim.

Get out your foil, shiney side down, push it down with palm. it should make a slight indentation from the middle hole in the foil. Straighten out the foil tight, and secure it on the bowl. Take out a wooden kabab stick, and make holes going all the way down to the bottom of the bowl, starting on the outside. I say do a hole every 1/8 inch or so. Then do the same with a 2nd ring. Then do a 3rd ring, but I don't go all the way down, and I make these holes smaller. Say about halfway down the point of the kabob stick. This 3rd ring is very close to the middle hole but I never put one over it to make sure all air is going over the shisha. Some say they put on in there, and see no difference. You can try if you want, I just don't.

Then I throw on 2 cocos, and a windcover. Let sit for a few, without smoking it, then rotate and flip the coals and let er rip. Works like a champ. Nice big clouds, full flavor. If you get any harshness, it probably needs to acclimate more. I leave the windcover on the whole session, as this helps the coals burn much better, so I don't have to blow on them at all to get the red hot when I flip them. Plus it really helps the heat management. Makes 2 coco's perfect for Tangiers.

The only problem I have with Tangiers, is the bowls last FOREVER. I solo my hookah since my wife is pregnant, so I do kinda hate having to smoke the same flavor for a few times in a row to not waste shisha. This is on a small phunnel.

Anyone get Tangeirs to work with a mod? I haven't tried it. Don't see why it wouldn't work.

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