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Default Re: Hoses - Smoking Difference? Are Some Better Than Others?

Wider is better. Washable is only better to the extent that you can wash them without ruining them in theory. In practice it depends on the hose really. Now as to what is better and what is worse it really just depends on you. Some people love the Razan and Nammor hoses. Maybe if I tried one I would too but I gotta say telling me that the hoses have to be glued back together and knowing that the difference is a matter of a few millimeters in diameter between that and nicer other hoses isn't really a selling point. I can get a few cheaper ones with roughly the same or very similar draw for the same money. I will go with that for now. I do want to try one some day just to see if all the fuss is really worth it or if it is just the typical there can be only one even though the top 20 are all really quite wonderful. It seems these forums are rife with you must have a KM/Nour, Razan/Nammor, yada yada yada and you must buy them from John. All very good suggestions but there are also many other ways to go in each category that you will be just as satisfied with.
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