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Originally Posted by Liszt View Post
What's up with every hose using the ugly 80s sweat band on them? I have a Nammor and a KM, and the Nammor is just ugly as sin! I'd go with a Razan Sultan myself, they're very easy on the eyes and smoke great!

Agreed. When I was looking to buy a hose that and price was my main reasons to avoid Razans and Nammors. They are ugly as homemade sin. I would rather have a nice looking hose or even a not the best looking but nice design hose that is a mm or 2 smaller than get one that has scrunchies on it. I ended up with one that has scrunchies and it just looks silly it kind of matches ok so I will use it but the Razans have like 4 scrunchies ughhhh. If you wanna know the only thing Scrunchies are good for listen to Dane Cooks Walgreen's bit.

In other words get a hose with a 1% tighter draw that doesn't look like it came out of a LOL-Cat's butt.
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