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Default Re: Absinth Flavour?

Originally Posted by ArtemK View Post
I like the last post )))) Well, yes, sorry, forgot about the absinthe being illegal in states... Just so you know, Absinthe contains thuojune, which is an absolute tabu, due to fda... However in quality absinthe the amount of such is insignificant, in europe they managed to sort things out, so that only qualitative products end up on the market... Back to topic... I wrote in some topic here, about samuca flavor... Does work quite well, with sambuca-water mix in base and nakhla double-apple and af licorice in the bowl... But as a general rule, alcohol flavours is best achieved with alkohol in the base ))
Absinthe is legal here in the states. In fact, there are several producers here making the real stuff.
As to the thujone, there has never been enough in absinthe to have an effect. The alcohol will kill you before you get stoned. Besides, chemical analysis on pre-ban absinthe has shown that most of them would pass under current FDA regs (less than 10ppm thujone).

Read through these:

Those brands over in Europe that tout thujone levels are almost all out of the Czek Republic and are nothing like traditional absinthe.

Absinthe Buyer's Guide:
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