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Default Re: Absinth Flavour?

OK!!!!!! IMPORTANT!!!! Thujone IS NOT BY ANY MEANS RELATED TO TETRAHYDROCANNABINOl!!! it is not a mind altering substance!!! Absinthe is perfectly legal in germany! In US there is a drink called Lucid, this however has thujone filtered out, and in my opinion looses some of its great flavor.... However i would like to try the tea idea, thought it is too much work for a smoking session... As to whats best, I by the Mansinthe brand.... Brewed in swizerland and is owned by Marilyn Manson )))... Anyway, I guess, the flavour cant be "synthesized" in a hookah... Thought, absinthe goes well with hookah as a drink, but dont forget to have some green tea on the side as green tea neutralizes the taste rezeptors, so you can taste the hookah to the fullest...

Ps: Absinthe is not drunk in shots, it is NEVER set on fire, quality absinth IS DRUNK WITH NO SUGAR ADDEd, just diluted...
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