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Default SKYZZZ/SKYBUZZ tobacco

Hey just picked some of this stuff up. seems that a few members were questioning whether this tobacco brand was up to par and i wanted to try it out. picked up triple grape and cool blue. the results were good! =) i know theres some controversey over starbuzz vs. skyzzz and it being a "knock-off" but i dont think we need to fear skyzzz/skybuzz any longer lol. i paid $10 for a 250g tin which is 8 bucks less than the starbuzz here and the quality was very similar to starbuzz. no stems at all, and similar wetness to starbuzz. the flavors didnt exactly taste as i expected; thats the only catch haha. triple grape tastes like a mix of berries and a hint of black grapes and cool blue has i kind of weird cherry-ish mint vibe to it. flavors were great nonetheless. if you guys come across this brand, dont be hesitant to try some! great bang for buck.
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