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Default Nakhla disappointment turned good!

I bought some Nakhla Double Apple 250g, it was nasty. Dry, not very well packaged, smoked horrible, smelled of Grandma. Seriously, don't buy it. Its a waste of cash, buy a couple 50gs of AF instead.

With that being said though, I did make it something tolerable, maybe even good. I added a little bit over a tablespoon of orange honey, and about 20ml of water, and mixed it up (all this after taking out 20 stems or so). Packed it super loose in the bowl and used one segment of a Japanese coal, with orange-mango juice in the reservoir.

The first hit of it made a lot of smoke for nakhla. Then the orange and the apple sort of fused together and it went for longer than I expected to. I was pissed off so my expectations went a lot either, but it turned out alright.

I think dryness is either caused by dehydration or lack of molasses or honey, and it seems that adding molasses or honey is what saved it. The 250g had a leak in the packaging when I bought it so... yeah. Maybe water would work for dehydrated shisha.

Overall I pleased how it turned out though.

What methods do you guys use to convert shit shisha to tolerable stuff?
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