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Default Re: Nakhla disappointment turned good!

Originally Posted by Migas3007 View Post
so, Nakhla, is dry tobacco, and is unwashed right? meaning, that it's not as "safe" as other types of shisha.
Does Nakhla give off a lot of smoke? I think I read somewhere on this thread that it doesn't.... is that true?
Well, its not necessarily "safe"...It just has more nicotine...Meaning that if buzzes really get ya..then this stuff will be pretty heavy!

If you manage your heat management well, Nakhla can give off some amazing smoke...Just as long as you don't burn the tobacco. Also if you pack it right, Nakhla can be amazing!

I used to HATE Nakhla when I first started out. But then...I learned how to pack my bowls better and Nakhla became pretty good.

The Double Apple is pretty good (its pretty much licorice...Its a complicated flav) Haha and that means a lot since I HATE licorice! Its one of those smokes that are good from time to time.

I also like the Mandarin! Its really realistic and strong.
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