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Default extending coal life

hey guys and gals .... first off, happy holidays.

next, i just wanted to share something that's saved me a bit of money during this recession of ours. it's a little trick i've found to greatly extend the longevity of my lit coals.

i've been using coconaras lately and know they're a bit pricey so i wanted to see if there was a way to make them last longer....

using a standard egyptian bowl, i put foil on top, then a 1/4" ring of foil, then another foil over that (ring or pocket method). i put a single piece of coco on top. then i place a homemade windcover that just fits over the bowl and coal, then a second larger wind cover on top of that. it insulates the whole thing and pretty much works like an oven. i've gotten the coal to last 90+ minutes at a time. the longest was closer to 110 min.

just thought i'd share ..... cheers!
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