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Default Re: Nakhla disappointment turned good!

Originally Posted by ImalimHookahMan View Post
I don't know what the hell was wrong with the package that I got. Usually Nakhla 250gs come in boxes, but mine came in a glass dish/jar thing. It was shrink wrapped and between the shrink wrapping and the glass was some juices from the shisha. The lid is solid but annoying to get off and on. It was probably dropped and the lid came off and was never put back on right.

I've tried the apricot and the orange flavors that Nakhla puts out and loved them. Infact the apricot was the first I purchased. I hated it at first, like someone said, but then when I learned to pack it right and use the coals correctly it was insanely good. I'd still prefer AF or Waha, but it didn't suck. I think because It was in a box rather than the glass.
That is weird. The jars they come in are usually the most moist compared to the boxes.

yup, you got a genuine Nakhla flavor. It seems that only certain flavors from Nakhla come in jars. I'm guessing only the ones that are higher in demand.

Did you mix it up well? I've noticed that with these jars, the juices fall to the bottom really fast. Or, perhaps your jar really did have a leak or it is old.

Don't give up on Nakhla! lol
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