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Default Re: Absinth Flavour?

Originally Posted by vegasvic View Post
I dig the whole russian vodka toasting/drinking thing, and I do have some Russian friends -- are you talking about "zakusyvayesh"? (not sure, but I think that is correct). Typically, I get a few different bottles of good vodka freezing cold (so that they are viscous) which are consumed in shots preceded by a toast and followed by small appetizers all designed to prolong your drinking session.

To me, Christmastime is vodka season. My favorites are Stolichnaya (classic Russian), Hangar One (the best fruit-infused vodkas anywhere), and Chopin (potato-based, oily, thick). Zubrowka (Polish Bison Grass vodka) which, until recently, was sort of the Absinthe of Vodka (e.g., was not available in the USA) is also quite good, but something of an acquired taste.

Hmmm, now I'm getting thirsty...
I love Chopin. Without a doubt my favorite vodka, and the only one I've really enjoyed on rocks. I'm more of a gin or scotch guy, but Chopin is great stuff.
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